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Target Format Example
Title title_text: title_text: weather
Creator creator_text: creator_text: Charles Dickens
Publisher publisher_text: publisher_text: Oxford
Contributor contributor_text: contributor_text: John Smith
ISBN isbn_sm: isbn_sm:4167113058
ISSN issn_sm: issn_sm:00280836
Item identifier item_identifier_sm: item_identifier_sm:10000001
Date of publication pub_date_sm:[ TO ] pub_date_sm:[2012-01-01 TO 2013-12-31]
Acquired at acquired_at_sm:[ TO ] acquired_at_sm:[2012-01-01 TO 2013-12-31]
Removed at removed_at_sm:[ TO ] removed_at_sm:[2012-01-01 TO 2013-12-31]
Manifestation type manifestation_type_sm: manifestation_type_sm:japanese_book
Carrier Type carrier_type_s: carrier_type_s:print
Volume Number volume_number_string_sm: volume_number_string_sm:1
Issue Number issue_number_string_sm: issue_number_string_sm:1
Serial Number serial_number_string_sm: serial_number_string_sm:1
Description description_text: description_text: Special Feature
Exinfo1 exinfo_1_text: exinfo_1_text:1
Exinfo6 exinfo_6_text: exinfo_6_text:1
Library library_sm: libray_sm:gotanda
Shelf shelf_sm: shelf_sm:honkan01
Title series_title_text: series_title_text:nature