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Carrier Type: print   Manifestation type: Japanese book

[M] セロひきのゴーシュ print

Title transcription: セロヒキ ノ ゴーシュ

Creator: Publisher: 福音館書店(Publisher) ( Date of publication : 1966.4 )

Series statement: 福音館創作童話シリーズ
Form: print print
Sub Carrier Type:
Frequency of issue: 無し
Manifestation type: Japanese book
AV type:
Japan or foreign: 和書
Language: Japanese(lang)
Country of publication: Japan
Place of publication: 東京
Physical description: End page: 56p Size: 22×19cm
Classification: 分類記号:近代小説:明治以降(913.6) ; NDC9:近代小説:明治以降(913.6) ; NDC9:小説.物語(913)
Identifier: ISBN: 9784834000566
Date of acquisition: Fri, 14 Sep 2018 14:51:33 +0900
Updated at: Fri, 14 Sep 2018 15:18:57 +0900
Shelf Call number Item identifier Circulation status
レファレンスルーム 913.6|ミ 0110394592 Not for loan
* This receipt is only for receipt printer and will be printed in 8cm width.